PIP breast implant removal

PIP Implants

Please note that these have never been used on any of our patients. In line with the guidance below, I am recommending that capsulectomy (removal of the surrounding tissue) be performed with the PIP implant removal and will arrange for all capsule tissue to be analysed if ruptured. This is due to the unknown effects of the industrial silicone used in PIP’s and is best practice as outlined in the link. Intact implants may just require a capsule biopsy.

These are the latest recommendations from the Royal College of Surgeons in conjunction with BAPRAS/BAAPS. All patients with PIP implants should read this guide since it provides best practice information.These are applicable to both NHS and private patients, showing what GP’s and surgeons should be doing and will clarify the need for scans, if at all.

Please feel free to make an appointment for consultation, assessment and reassurance as needs be via our Contacts page

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