Combined Procedures

Some patients may be suitable for combined procedures which have the advantage of a single set of hospital stay, anaesthetic and recovery period. This does save on cost but would need to be individually assessed for suitability. Examples are below:

  • Abdominoplasty and breast augmentation
  • Abdominoplasty and breast reduction/uplift

Bariatric surgery such as gastric banding, stapling or bypass is increasingly popular, resulting in massive weight loss. As such, patients lose considerable weight and develop loose skin which does not retract. It is possible to remove this with several techniques.

These include abdominoplasty (Fleur-de-Lys pattern and  Belt Lipectomy), mastopexy (breast lift), thigh lift and arm lift.

This patient has had a combined breast augmentation and abdominoplasty after 2 children.

This patient has had the benefits of an abdominoplasty and breast reduction after massive weight loss of six stone.

This patient lost 8 stone, had a combined breast with abdominal reshaping
and left this review:

Previously I’ve had a gastric band and lost nearly 8 stone I was left with
an awful over hang that was huge and emty breast pockets. 14 weeks ago to
the date I had 2 operations together, at the Claremont hospital. I had
breast Implants and a Fleu de Lys abdominoplasty. I had heard about Mr Lam
and read up about him, he was the man with great reviews and I’d also seen
some of his work in person. I was ready to ask but I didn’t need it because
when he was talking me through these operations he has covered everything I
needed to know. We was then starting to talk size of breast I wanted I said
double D ish no smaller not much bigger so we agreed on 500 ml which sounds
a lot, but you have to consider your own size as well, I’m naturally a broad
person, yes it’s nerve racking as Mr Lam will have an idea of what they will
look like but I had a big hanging belly and no breast so I was nervous. So
like I say 14 weeks on I measure at an E cup which I’m extremely happy with
they are a good size in proportion with my new flat body the surgery went
very well. Mr lam had removed 3.5 kilo of skin or 7.7 pounds in weight. The
scar is so neat and such a thin line, it’s great ! I’ve healed well no

I will say for any one would have these surgeries together I went back to
work after 2 weeks I was absolutely fine just very achy as I’m a hairdresser
who is stood up all day, so if you have a stand up in your job take a good
3-4 weeks off that’s my advice.
If you choose this fantastic surgeon I’m happy for him to share my pictures
with you as I am a new proud body owner all thanks to my surgeon who’s made
me feel so much more confident with my self and he himself had noticed this,
I honestly can’t thank him enough.
Thank you Mr Lam

The full review is dated 1st Dec 2016 on