Breast Mastopexy

This procedure is used to restore the shape of the bust to a more youthful appearance. The intention is to lift and reshape the bust, not to increase the bust size. The effect is such that the the patient’s bust does not droop without underwear and bra size remains the same.

The skin stretching from pregnancy or weight change is the main cause of droop. I find that the anchor patterned scar (which starts around the nipple and goes vertically into the breast crease and along it) provides the most skin removal and also allows an internal scaffold to be created which provides the longest lasting result. A more modest skin removal and reshape is possible with a vertical scar only. The longevity of such surgery is highly dependent on tissue quality and you will need to be assessed to see which method is suitable. These patient examples are at three months post-surgery with a full anchor pattern.

Breast asymmetry can also be corrected with this technique where the bust  is uneven.