Breast Augmentation

This is the most commonly performed of all cosmetic procedures where the implant can be placed over or under the pectoralis chest muscle. Below are some examples of results from both types and with either round or anatomical (tear-drop shaped implants). Each patient is different and has a combination of tissue quality, changes from pregnancy, weight loss and wound healing ability which is unique. This shows in the final result.Where there is excessive loose skin, a mastopexy will need to be performed in order to tighten the skin envelope around the proposed implant size. This often occurs with multiple preganacies or large weight gains and losses. Combined mastopexy will usually involve the full anchor pattern scar, just as with breast reduction. The long term success of this is dependent on tissue quality.

Round Implants

18 year old, full look, 375mls round subgladular high profile implant

23 years old, modest boost, 25omls round subglandular high profile implant

34 year old, 2 children, requesting droop correction with 350mls round moderate profile submuscular implant

Anatomical Implants

29 year old with marked breast asymmetry, subglandular implants of 350mls right and 400mls left to balance

22 year old, requesting natural look, 305ml anatomical submuscular implant

50 year old, requesting natural look, 270ml anatomical submuscular implant

32 year old, 2 children, requesting natural look, 330ml anatomical submuscular implant

40 year old, 3 children, 4 stone weight loss, requesting natural look without mastopexy scars, 380ml anatomical subglandular implant

21 year old with tuberous breasts, 610mls subglandular implant with tuberous correction


30 year old, requesting natural look, moderate boost 330ml anatomical subglandular implant

29 year old with chest wall asymmetry and pectus excavatum, submuscular
anatomical implants 345mls on left and 300mls right to balance

As someone with Pectus Excavatum I visited Dr Lam to find out if breast
augumentation could be used to improve the look of my chest. To my relief he
had performed surgery on pectus excavatum patients before and was able to
show me evidence of some fantastic results. He was friendly, enthusiastic
and would answer any questions I had.

My surgery was reasonably complex; due to the pectus excavatum my chest is
on a slant and I had also had previous surgery on my pectus (the NUSS bar
procedure) and had scar tissue inside my chest already. Despite these
difficulties Dr Lam always remained positive.

Now, six weeks down the line, I am amazed by the results. Dr Lam has
performed brilliant surgery which has evened out my breasts and improved the
look of my pectu, and more importantly it has given me a boost of

I would highly recommend Dr Lam and the kind, hardworking staff at Claremont

The full review is dated 5th Feb 2017 on

Breast Augmentation with Simultaneous Mastopexy(Breast Reshaping)

41 year old, 1 child, with drooping bust requesting round look with moderate boost. 300ml round subglandular implant with simultaneous mastopexy

23 year old with 6 stone weight loss due to gastric banding. Felt empty and with drooping bust. 375mls round subglandular implant with simultaneous mastopexy.

34 year old, 2 children with drooping, empty bust. 330ml anatomical submuscular implant with simultaneous mastopexy.

Mr.Lam offers both round and anatomical (tear drop) shaped implants depending on what the patient requirements and desires are. Round implants tends to suit the majority of patients with an emptied upper breast from weight loss or pregnancy. Teardrop implants are best suited for those who wish the most natural looking result, especially if very flat. Where there is skin excess or droopiness as well then this may require skin removal in the form of a breast uplift (mastopexy). Sizing will be discussed during the consultation to ensure the results look as natural as possible. Different shaped or sized implants can be used to correct asymmetries of both the breast and chest wall.
We follow the techniques popularized by the Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr John Tebbetts. The surgery is done in a gentle fashion, with minimal tissue trauma and as such, drains are not routinely used.  Surgery is usually done with an overnight stay but it is possible to offer breast augmentation as a daycase procedure for local patients.
Where you have had an operation elsewhere with unsatisfactory results, it is possible to revise such surgery. Examples include changing implant size, provide further lifting where droop has occurred or revising unsatisfactory scars. Each case needs individualised assessment.
We only ever use the highest quality implants from Mentor and Natrelle(formerly Allergan/McGhan) which are the market leaders for quality and come with a Lifetime Replacement Policy. This is vital in ensuring you the best result with peace of mind!

Further information is available from the manufacturer’s websites:

A note on PIP implants. You can be assured that these have never been used for any of our patients. Should you be concerned regarding the advice in the media regarding removal and replacement of these, please make an appointment for assessment. Surgery options will include implant and capsulectomy (surrounding capsule removal) with implant replacement into a fresh pocket, if desired. The capsules will be analysed for any suspicious features. Spread of silicone into the underarm areas can also be dealt with. We are happy to assess all cases and provide appropriate reasssurance and screening as needs be. Please see the PIP implant page for more details.